• Pure Caffeine Powder

Pure Caffeine Powder


Dozens of College Findings positively verifies and shows that caffeine is a successful, potent, physical and mental performance booster. This is underlined by the fact that a lot of sporting bodies, such as the IOC, have it on their list of banned or restricted substances. The good news for performance competitors nonetheless is that it is possible to obtain an ergogenic or performance boosting result from caffeine at levels which are thought about 'legal'. An additional little known fact is merely how unbelievably effective it is at breaking down and discharging stored fats so that they can be burnt as energy. Researches have actually shown that caffeine results on fat metabolic price are considerable and it can easily enhance fat burning throughout aerobic exercise by virtually 100 % (around double!)


  • FAT LOSS AND PHYSIQUE ENHANCEMENT: Males or females that wish to burn much more body fat by taking caffeine simply before aerobic activity. Taking before a weightlifting exercise improves the intensity of training whilst lessening perceived effort. This improved training capacity results in more fat being burnt, and more muscle being developed.
  • PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT: CAFFEINE ADVANTAGES FOR THE RIVAL: Opponents wanting to enhance their performance can quickly consume to 6mg / kilo of bodyweight and experience performance boosting results without going over the 'legal limit'. Caffeine is a popular performance enhancer amongst cyclists.



Ironpower Caffeine comes with a green measuring scoop which holds 250mg when level (flat). To boost performance, take between 250mg - 500mg half an hour prior to the exercise occasion. Take 1/2 an hour before working out with weights. Take 3 hrs merely prior to aerobic work to optimize fat burning.

OTHER USES: Increases muscle fiber recruitment and intensity of muscular contraction, represents a diuretic, bronchodilator (helps breathing), and mental stimulant.